Angel Figurines

We are an Irish based wholesale supplier of a vast range of Angel figurines. You can easily find angel figurines by clicking here.

Angel figurines have this out-worldly quality about them. It’s as if they are connected to a higher power and impart on their owners an inner peace. But I don’t think that is the only reason collecting them is so popular, but more likely it is because they are just so beautiful to look at.

You can get angels that have been created in many different materials. The craftsmanship and materials goes some way to determining the price you will pay. A popular material is crystal. Crystal is attractive, and when your pieces are posed and lighted just right, the effect can be stunning.

But be aware that the oils in your hands can transfer to the crystal and eventually will spoil the figure. Avoid such damage by always wearing protective gloves when directly handling a crystal piece.

The other main factor in determining the price is the rarity of the piece. Many of the most famous angel figurine creators such as Lladro, Hummel, and Swarovski have a policy of limiting the number produced of a particular piece. This makes them rarer to find and means they tend to rise in value over time.